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When it comes to maintaining a commercial site, small details that can seem so insignificant go a long way to creating a positive interaction with your brand whether that is small retail, retail centers, or corporate campuses. What is on the outside counts and reflects what is happening on the inside.

When it comes to managing these needs and demands of maintaining a commercial site, our Milestone Outdoor teams are the ones who you want in your corner. For over 20 years facilities managers have used our company as an extension of their maintenance teams and we can handle almost any exterior maintenance need. We are seasoned and know how to give great service that only comes from years of experience. We would love to partner with your facilities team to make your site look great all the time and in any season.

Commercial Services

Design + Build


A strong exterior statement will even have a positive effect on the team members that work at your facility and help attract and retain people with its positive image. At Milestone Outdoor we can create a vision for how the exterior of your building and facility could look and create a plan that reflects the culture that is the core of a company on the inside of the walls.

We are proud to create landscapes that are sustainable and designed to meet the needs of your site. Need an outdoor area for your team where they can eat lunch or be an alternative workspace? We can design hardscape features like outdoor patios and create inviting spaces with the right combinations of trees, perennials, even earthen berms to inspire creativity or facilitate a private team meeting. Need a functional landscape design to achieve proper drainage, facilitate exterior elevation changes?

We can grade and contour the land and build retaining walls to manage slopes. Whatever your need, our design team is ready to give the ideas a form and our construction teams can turn that design into reality.

Site Management


One of the challenges to operating a commercial space or industrial site is coordinating the maintenance tasks. For over 20 years Milestone Outdoor has partnered with facilities managers to take the headache out of coordinating their exterior maintenance needs. We take pride in being able to become an extension of your in-house maintenance staff and handle everything required on the exterior. We can handle any lawn need with services ranging from installation to renovation, weekly mowing, and keeping it free from weeds and regularly fed to enhance its health. We can handle your regular maintenance of landscaped areas by weeding, creating a program for annual flowers and keeping them fresh throughout the year to installing mulch in the landscape beds. We can take care of everything and when the seasons change, we are prepared for that as well. In the fall we can keep any leaves cleaned up and once winter hits, our teams are ready and equipped for that as well.

Snow + Ice


For a facility manager snow and ice can be the most critical and stressful time of the year trying to manage site conditions with continually changing weather. Keeping a site consistently clean from winter conditions can be a huge task. When winter hits, you want a company like Milestone Outdoor to manage whatever the weather conditions cause. Snow isn’t an afterthought at our company, it’s a frontline service. When the summer and fall seasons wrap up, we ramp up and prepare for snow. Our teams work full-time year-round to keep us at full capacity in the winter just like in the summer months and we are ready for snow around the clock to manage winter conditions. Our equipment ranges from shovels to snow pushers on heavy equipment and everything in between. We know how to manage winter weather and have custom strategies to optimize operations at each of our sites. No amount of equipment will make up for a poorly managed team which creates a poorly managed winter event.

We have been doing snow operations for over 20 years and have experience maintaining winter conditions from pretreating surfaces days before the storm until all the surfaces are cleaned to bare pavement when the storm is finished. Our teams can be on-site the entire time snow is falling if you require zero tolerance for reduced liability and we can handle the daily frost and ice checks when snow melts and re-freezes overnight. We will do what you need to be sure you stay ready for business.

Snow will happen every winter, but knowing what will happen is something hard to forecast. No two storms are the same and winter weather is not something you want to leave to chance. We are ready to stand with you and tackle anything that winter dishes out.

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