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Your home is where you spend most of your time and is likely one of your most significant investments. It’s what you want to look welcoming when you have people over and the place you long to be after a busy day. It makes sense that it looks its best and we are here to help you with that.

Residential Services

Design + Build


They say home is where the heart is, and we agree. The place where we relax, rest, play, eat, gather, create memories and the place we are always eager to return to is our homes. At Milestone Outdoor, we believe that creating comfortable, inviting outdoor landscapes will just make the time we spend at home even more memorable.

Our landscape team will collaborate with you to bring your vision for the exterior of your home to life. If you don’t have a specific vision in mind, we can create one from scratch and develop it into a plan that our construction team can execute. They are so good at creating anything from quiet intimate spaces for conversations around a fire to outdoor entertainment areas for watching your favorite team with friends. If the grill is your specialty and you love to BBQ, we can design a spot for that and even give you a covered spot for a table and chairs for your friends in the neighborhood to come and get a taste of what you’ve got on the grill. We can build sidewalks, patios, fire pits, walls, pergolas and the list just goes on.

Our landscape designer loves plants and is a graduate of the Iowa State Horticulture program and will put the perfect plantings in your plan to enhance the features we build. We’ve said home is where the heart is and where memories are created, let our team help expand your entertainment area outdoors and be a part of helping create memories you’ll never forget.

Mosquito Control


So, you’ve checked all the boxes to enjoy the outside of your home. You’ve mowed your lawn perfectly, nurtured the health of your landscape and lawn with fertilizer and there isn’t a weed in sight. All that’s left to do is pull up a chair to relax on your patio and enjoy the outdoor heaven that you’ve created, but so often as soon as you sit down, you get chased back inside by mosquitos and other flying pests. Let us help by controlling the mosquito populations in the area around your home and landscapes to make being outside enjoyable again. Our team can do this service for you while we are there to feed the lawn making it convenient for you to get back to enjoying your outdoors.

Lawn Treatments


We love helping your lawn look its best. For over 20 years we have been continually refining our lawn health system into a soil first, environmentally responsible, and sustainable program we feel good about. Each component of our program and its timing is designed to work great for lawns in our area. Starting with our custom blended organic-based fertilizers, to our premium weed control methods, to insect controls carefully selected to be sensitive to our pollinators, our programs have been tested and proven over time to give consistent results you can count on. Our goal is to create a thick, healthy lawn that thrives in the rich soil created with our bio-nutrients allowing the fertilizer to be used more efficiently by your lawn.



Our Standard Program consists of 5 visits and includes our organic based fertilizer, pre-emergent crabgrass control, premium weed controls for difficult weeds, and free service calls.

The Standard Plus Program gives your lawn everything in our standard program plus white grub control to prevent lawn damage caused by them.


Our Premium Program includes everything in our standard program plus season long control for billbugs and white grubs.

The Premium Plus Program includes everything in our premium program plus fall core aeration.

Black Label

Our Black Label Program includes everything in our premium plus program and includes overseeding with Turf Tall Fescue and an application of starter fertilizer. This is the most comprehensive program we offer for your lawn. It’s the same program our owner uses on his personal home.

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